Dental crowns, or caps, are metallic or ceramic (non-metallic) prosthesis used to strengthen weak teeth. They are either full coverage or partial coverage, and they are made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, gold, silver, and ceramic

When do you need dental crowns ?

A crown improves a your teeth’s appearance,and restores its strength, functionality, form, and size. One might require a crown in the following circumstances:

  1. Grossly decayed teeth are often prone to breakage even after fillings. Hence a crown is indicated.
  2. To replace an old, broken or failing tooth filling.
  3. To repair an already-broken tooth.
  4. When teeth have lost its length and shape due to repeated wearing out.
  5. In case of large fillings which may initiate a tooth fracture in future
  6. When teeth have gaps, or are misshapen
  7. To strengthen root canal treated teeth

Benefits of a dental crown:

  1. They protect a tooth with poor longevity
  2. They envelop the tooth to prevent further tooth decay
  3. They resolve the problems of repeated dislodgement of fillings
  4. Crowns close a gaps between teeth
  5. It is integral to smile designing
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How is a dental crown made?

It usually involves a couple of appointments:

Appointment 1:

This dentist shapes the teeth in question and takes measurements; the technician is sent the molds along with the instructions to fabricate the crown to resemble the natural tooth. The dentist conveys the shape, colour and modifications required in the crown.

Appointment 2:

The final prosthesis is delivered, and any necessary modifications are made chairside.

How long does a tooth crown last ?

Dental crowns are durable, strong, and can last for ten to twenty years. Nevertheless, accidents can occur that cause the crown to dislodge.. In that case, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist right away.

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Do dental crowns have side-effects?

Crowns have minimal side–effects, most of which are case specific and cannot be generalized.

  1. Transient mild sensitivity
  2. Patient commitment: crowns require meticulous brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Oral hygiene gadget like a water flosser come handy in such cases.
  3. If the patient has a habit of grinding or clenching of teeth, a nightguard is advisable to preserve the longevity of the crown.

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