Aesthetic gum correction is a dental surgery of reshaping the gumline. The damaged or irrelevant gum mass from the gum is removed by tissue sculpting or crown lengthening techniques to bring the gum into proper shape. The countering of the gum is done to transform the look and enhance the smile. Scalpels and lasers are used in the whole surgical process to give perfection in a symmetrical shape. Local anesthesia is given to the patient while surgery to avoid pain. The best part of aesthetic gum correction is patients can see immediate results before and after without waiting for a long time.

Benefits of aesthetic gum correction:

Aesthetic gum correction can also lower the chances of gum diseases, The reshaping also involves tissues grafting that can repair the area of open space due to vacant or erode gum.

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Why to go for aesthetic gum correction:

Smiling face is the symbol of self-confidence. But, sometimes due to dissatisfied aesthetics people lose the confidence to smile in a natural manner. Aesthetic gum correction can provide the benefit to get back the pleasing appearance and also reduce some pathological risk for the patients:

  • Reduce Root decay: The roots of the tooth lie on the gum. Irregular gum shape can also disturb the root position of the teeth. Irrelevant gum tissue opening in the mouth has more changes of corrosive effect while having an infection in the root canal region. Reshaping the gum mass limits the area of getting affected and provides correct positioning to the teeth.
  • Enhance smiling face: Showing big gummy teeth while smiling doesn’t look appropriate and might give an uneasy feeling to the people sitting next to you. Showing the gums and crown can enhance the beauty of the face and give full independence to smile without caring of anything.
  • Improve health of gums: Sticky gums have more chances of getting affected from periodontal disease. Such issues can be clearly identified and removed with the help of aesthetic gum correction. Removing the sticky layers reduces the chances of spreading infection to large exposed areas.

Types of surgery for aesthetic gum correction:

The tissue sculpting surgery has different treatment approaches for reshaping the gumline. Some of the most common surgery involved in the process include:

  • Gingivectomy: It is also known as Gum Contouring. This treatment method majorly focuses on removing excess gum in the areas around the tooth. The solid tissue mass around the deep tooth pockets and gingiva gives an ugly look while smiling. Gingivectomy seemed to be a good treatment approach for people with large gum size.
  • Gingivoplasty: This method primarily focus on reshaping the asymmetric tissue deposition around the teeth. The laser beam is used to melt out the bugling shaped gum mass. Expert hands are used to sculpt the symmetrical shape with respect to the appearance of the tooth and size of adjacent tooth muscles.
  • Tissue sculpting: The presence of excess bone around the tooth can increase the larger gum deposition. It fades the beauty while smiling. This underlying structure can be brought into shape with the help of tissue sculpting by removing the additional tissue mass from the tooth muscle to maintain an exact beauty ratio of the tooth size and gum tissue.
  • Crown lengthening: In this method, the hidden tooth around the gum is exposed out with the help of minor laser treatment. It makes the tooth appear little lengthy and give a charming appearance while smiling. People having the problem of large gums and small teeth can go for this treatment approach to bring glow to their smiling face.


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