Dental implants are now a common procedure for dental rehabilitation lost to missing or decayed teeth. With the demand for complex implant cases growing, complications have also increased.

When implants are placed with greater surgical accuracy and precision, a large majority of these mechanical, technical, and biological complications can be avoided. That’s where  3D Guided Dental Implants pitch in!

What is 3D Guided Dental Implants ?

Technology today has enabled dental scanning facilities like cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) to achieve the desired results. The ideal functional and restorative positions of teeth can be precisely planned digitally.

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The Technology of 3D Guided Dental Implants:

A cutting-edge surgical method known as 3D guided implant surgery advances digital treatment planning. With the aid of 3D-guided implant surgery, we can not only plan your ideal course of treatment but also visualize each step of the process.

CT scanning and CAD/CAM technology are combined in 3D-guided implant surgery.

In both the placement of your dental implants and the placement of your dental restorations, we can offer you unmatched accuracy. There is a significant reduction in risks and complications due to the ideal placement of your implants, including their angle and depth, using 3D-guided implant surgery.

It sounds complicated. How is 3D Guided Dental Implant performed?

  1. CBCT of the mouth.

An on-screen computer displays a 3D image of your mouth created by the scan. The picture provides a very fine-grained view of the inside of the mouth. Your jawbone, teeth, sinus cavities, nasal passages, and even your nerve pathways are all visible. With the aid of specialized software, we can rotate the scan, focus on specific regions, and sharpen the image.

With the aid of these characteristics, we can comprehend your mouth much better. Once we have established the ideal implant placement, we can give you the most aesthetically pleasing results.

  1. The technician will use the 3D scan to make a specifically designed surgical drilling guide. The chart aids in the precise placement of your dental restorations and the implant.
  2. We can see the steps of your surgical procedure before we carry them out thanks to 3D-guided implant surgery. This gives you a much better patient experience by lowering discomfort while increasing implant predictability.
  3. Following the procedure, we can immediately place temporary replacement restorations.
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Advantages of 3D guided implant surgery

  1. Greater accuracy as well as precision in the placement of your dental restorations, including implants,
  2. Increased predictability in surgery.  With guided surgery, we can see every step of your surgical procedure in advance. This contributes to the safety of the procedure by lowering the likelihood of complications both during surgery and during the healing process.
  3. The placement of implants and restorations is more precise.
  4. Generally speaking, guided surgery is quicker than freehand surgery.

Why is Vienna Dental Clinic a one-stop solution for 3D Guided Dental Implants

Our team of highly qualified specialists plan the entire course of treatment while taking into account the patient’s needs and expectations,  An international group of aesthetic dentists, implantologists, collaborate to provide the best treatment.


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