The term endodontic is composed of two words “endo” meaning inside and odont which signifies tooth. Advanced Endodontic Care is the sum up of all essential therapy needed to keep the tooth healthy from the inside. It includes therapies like apicoectomy, root canals, and dental emergency treatment. The major approach of endodontic care is to provide facilities to treat the inner tissues of teeth including pulp and nerves passing through the tooth root. At the end of the care, most of the problems related to teeth get resolved using advanced strategies of treatment.

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Procedure of advanced endodontic care:

Endodontic advanced treatment includes taking care of the tooth and eliminating the cause from the root level. Patients had to go through the following levels while taking an advanced treatment.

  • Diagnosis: It involves the diagnosis of a patient’s tooth using percussion test, radiographs, endo spray, and pulp testers. It helps in analyzing the possible defects and starting planning for the treatment.
  • Accessibility: This procedure involves finding out the right treatment protocol to get accessibility to the tooth’s internal parts. The most suitable method for opening the pulp of the tooth is selected for treatment. It is achieved by using chelating agents, endodontic burs, or rotary files.
  • Extirpation: In this procedure, the pulp or nerve linings are removed using barbed broaches. But sometimes hand files or burs can also be used for the purpose.
  • Debridement: It involves the procedure of cleaning debris, dead tissues, and infectious agents. Chemicals like chelating agents, EDTA, or sodium hypochlorite have enormous applications in removing debris through the root canals. After removal, another radiograph is taken to observe the growth of microbes on the canal or nearby regions.
  • Drying: It is the next procedure after debris cleaning where the tooth is repositioned to give it a natural appearance. Paper points are used to dry the canal and sealing or filling of the root region is done only after proper confirmation of drying.
  • Obturating: It is also known as filling where heating elements are used for the purpose. Commonly used equipment for advanced endodontic treatment includes gutta percha points, pluggers, and root canal sealers.
  • Restoration: Restoring is the last step of advanced endodontic care. It involves fixing composite material or crowns on the outer surface of the tooth to inhibit the microbial effects from the surrounding.


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