The internal anatomical structure of the tooth is composed of many parts and the root canal is one among them. The primary role of the root canals (present inside the teeth) is to provide a narrow space for passage of blood vessels and nerve supplies. But, sometimes due to minor inflammation on Crown (outer region of the tooth), the internal pulp gets direct contact with the surrounding microbes. It results in microbial growth inside the root canal region. The infection spreads through the root canal area and starts decaying the gums. In such cases, root canal treatment is an effective treatment measure. In this treatment, the endodontist properly cleans and disinfects the root canal region to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Detection of early microbial infection over the tooth surface is possible after visiting the dentist. But, the following symptoms can also be taken into account to predict the need for root canal treatment:

  • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold fluid for long time
  • Swelling of gums
  • Spontaneous toothache
  • Sharp pain while chewing or biting
  • Lingering pain after eating foods
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Pimples on the gums
  • Darkening of the gums
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Common cause for root canal infection:

Despite getting infected from bacterial growth, other major causes for root canal infection includes:

  • Chips and Fracture– Removal of the crown portion due to fracture leave an exposed pulp which can be painful and need root canal treatment.
  • Injuries– Direct or indirect blow on mouth area makes the tooth luxated and dislodged. The need for treatment can cure and prevent from getting into critical infection.

Treatment for Root canal:

The major cause of infection in the root canal is microbial growth. So, treatment measures that stop the growth of the microbes with proper healing of the inflammation are recommended.

Treatment approach for Root canal:

Traditional approach– A small minute hole is made on the surface of teeth and all infectious debris is removed and cleaned using a cleaning solution. At the end, the dentist seals and fills the tooth to avoid infection. Local anesthesia is given to the patient while treatment to avoid the sensation of pain.


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