When must I take my child to the dentist?

Being a parent includes many firsts, from birthdays and haircuts to steps and words. Your child’s first dentist visit can help them develop good oral habits and can be a wonderful bonding moment for you and your child. Learn more about what to expect at your child’s first dental visit, and keep in mind that being proactive about their dental health will help them develop excellent oral habits for the rest of their lives.

When to go to the dentist

It is recommended that you take your little one to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears, and the visit should not be delayed after they turn one. When your child’s first tooth erupts, or no later than their first birthday, you should take them to the dentist. Remember that cavities can form as soon as a child’s first tooth emerges, even if it appears to be too early. Baby teeth are also just as vital as adult teeth since they help with speech development, chewing, and keeping room for adult teeth.

To avoid tooth decay, you must learn how to clean your child’s teeth properly. Your child should also become acquainted with the concept of tooth brushing. An early inspection helps the dentist check your child’s growth and development and identify any potential biting concerns. Going to the paediatric dentist early and frequently will help your child succeed.

What to expect at your child’s initial dental visit?

Your child’s mouth, teeth, and biting pattern will all be examined by the dentist (known as occlusion). They’ll probably inquire about your child’s medical history and regular oral hygiene practice, as well as their food. You’ll find out if any problems have arisen and whether any additional treatment, like¬†fluoride treatment, is required. In addition, your child’s teeth and bite will be examined for any abnormalities that have formed due to activities such as thumb-sucking or pacifier use, which can impact the position of their teeth and bite.

The dentist will polish your child’s teeth at the end of the check-up and give you a brief on what to expect in the upcoming months, based on their age and growth. They may also explain how to break behaviours that may be affecting your child’s dental development, provide suggestions for correct home care, review healthy dietary choices, and discuss how to break behaviours that might be affecting your child’s oral development.

Going to the dental clinic for the first time is an excellent opportunity for your child to form a healthy relationship with their dental hygiene and the dentist. You’ll set your kid up for a lifetime of healthy dental decisions if you start early and make it a fun event.